WOD 11/25/08

ME 7×3


Since my shoulders are not quite feeling up to snuff, I am going to change today’s programming and do Deadlifts instead of cleans. Seven rounds of three reps. Go heavy with good form. Rest for a couple minutes between sets.

Try and keep the back usage to a minimum when deadlifting. I tend to deadlift more like an Oly lifter, with a more upright position, feet in closer, and wider grip. This keeps my hip angle more open and makes for less low back involvement at the top of the movement. I don’t like turning the DL into a stiff legged deadlift, where the back is doing all the lifting, becuase the legs straightened out to early and didn’t contribute to the lift as much as they should have. Imagine pushing the ground away with the legs – look at it like a leg press where you are holding onto a bar. The legs and hips drive up together, with the hips opening up as your progress up the leg with the bar, leaving less lower back work to do at the top. For me, this feels better. Pay attention to how your legs, hips and back are working and interacting. If you are doing a ton of work with the lower back at the top of the DL, maybe dump some weight and try staying a bit more erect and concentrating on pressing the ground away.

Of course, some of this is going to be very dependent upon each individuals anthropometry, so there is some leeway and no real “perfect” position with Deadlifts and Squats. That and some people are going to have a specific manner of lifting that they can safely do even though it may be different from what I would do. Play with it at light weight and see what works for you.

Here is a good video of Dutch and Boz doing 15 reps of 2x BW DL’s at a cert – that’s about 330 Lbs for each of them. Boz drives evenly with the legs and hips and subsequently has a smaller amount of “back work” at the top of the movement than Dutch does. Dutch opens up the legs early and has more closed hip to open with the lower back at the top of the movement. At the end of the video, Dutch shows you how that extra work and force might feel.

3-2-1 … GO!

**Video courtesy of CFHQ

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