WOD 11/26/08

“Going Under”

400m Run

25 Swings (M:55/W:35)

25 GHD Sit Ups

25 Burpees

25 Thrusters (M:95/W:65)

25 Wtd. Pull Ups (M:25/W:10)

400m Run

MetCon for this evolution comes in the form of this little gem of mine. Unless you are brand new to CF, you should all be able to do this as RX’d. The only modifications I’d allow for some folks would be regular sit ups and scaled back thrusters. But, if you have been at this a bit, your form is pretty squared away on the above exercises, and you have done the above movements a few times in the past, then I’d tell you to man up and do it as RX’d. We all need to sack up at some time and up the intensity a bit, not foresaking good form in the process. Your time might be slower, but your overall gains will be bigger. If this is all new to you still, scale back and ease into it – I DO NOT want anyone getting a hellish case of Rhabdo because they wanted to be cool. It will be quite the opposite since people with Rhabdo are decidedly uncool. Still not sure what the hell Rhabdo is, well read this and be very aware of it before tearing yourself apart with CrossFit.

Get it done and when it’s over, you can run home and tell your mommy your a man now!

One thought on “WOD 11/26/08

  1. I am SORE from DL’s yesterday! I upped the numbers to 115 Lbs Thrusters and 35 Lb Wtd Pull Ups for a new PR of 13’08” by over a minute. The Thrusters were my undoing, coming right on the heels of burpees. Small sets and too long of rests in between…I was hoping to reach manhood today…sigh…

    Allison, however, did reach manhood by bumping the thrusters up to 85 Lbs and doing it in 14’47”. Nice work!

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