WOD 11/27/08


Back Squat


Wtd. Dips

Just because it’s Thanksgiving, doesn’t mean you get off easy. You are going to work your ass of before stuffing your face. I think it’s only fair, especially since my T-day consists of left over turkey loaf and 10 hours of working the mean, crime ridden streets of Sacto County with my stanky dog while the rest of you get to lie around, chow some good grub, drink wine, eat pie, smoke a cigar and generally not have to be stuck with said stanky dog. Yes, maybe I am bitter, but you’ll be stronger for it.

Take the necessary rest between reps. This is ME, not MetCon, so take your time with the squats, beofre moving onto dips. Go hard and heavy with good form. Get below parallel in your squat, if you can. If you are going really heavy and not getting below parallel, you aren’t doing anything beneficial for overall leg strength and you are thrashing your knees. If that’s the case, lighten the load and get deep! This rep scheme allows for a progressive load, so start heavy and work to your 1 RM.

Dips are to be done as five rounds of seven reps. Dips are deep, too. Armpits should be below the elbow at the bottom of the movement and full extension at the top.

Think of me while enjoying your Thanksgiving Day!

Mmmmmm, Turkey loaf..... Not Paleo, sorta Zone, but it's edible...
Mmmmmm, Turkey loaf..... Not Paleo, sorta Zone, but it's edible...

2 thoughts on “WOD 11/27/08

  1. Rick

    Happy Turkey Loaf day CFC. I am blessed for having such good friends with such drive for health and wellness. I am also very thankful for side curtain air bags. I had the misfortune of getting drilled by a 34 foot motor home that decided he would rather be in my lane than his own yesterday. I was about a second away from a head-on that I think I would of lost. So this turkey loaf day has me a little more thankful then normal. A little too sore for squats, but the kids and I are going to walk the run to feed the hungry,,,,,,,,and then eat mass quantities of food.
    Peace everyone have a great day! Thanks Ian for protecting our streets as I will be sitting in a Turkey Loaf daze!

  2. Jesus, Rick! I am glad to hear you are all okay after that! Man, thankful is the right word for a time like that. Take care, enjoy your family and days off. Hope you are not too damn sore after everything! Best regards– Ian

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