WOD 11/30/08


Weighted DIps

Weighted Pull Ups

Not a super-duper vicious WOD, but after yesterday, I am sure you don’t need another beat down. This is a good body strength WOD, so go heavy but make sure the form is complete and you can complete the reps at a given weight. Do all sets of dips with adequate rest between efforts, then move onto the pull ups. This is an ME WOD, not for time. Extra bonus points if you do the dips on rings! Make sure you warm up fully, – go through the CrossFit Warm Up at least 3 times before getting into the WOD.

When you are done, do some core work with several sets of Max. time L-sits. You don’t need paralletes, you can do them on a couple spaced out chairs, your dip station, the corner of a counter top, you name it. Keep the legs up and straight as long as possible. Tucked knees are fine if you are still working at it.

Hit it!

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