WOD 1/1/09


Ok, enough brevity- let’s get to hurtin’…


10 Rounds

10 50m Hill Sprints

10 Pull Ups

10 Ring Push Ups

10 Knee to Elbows


Oh, Yeah! This is a homemade treat of pure….fun. If you don’t have a hill to sprint up, fear not, it won’t get much easier. But, the sprint is just that – a sprint. Go all out and don’t jog it. Get back to your bar and bang out 10 pull ups, then drop into 10 ring push ups (regular if you scale back), and then hold on for 10 KTE’s (high knee ups if scaled back -no swinging momentum though!) Then do it all over again 9 more times! Sweeeet!

Why the name? Well, a few rounds in and you’ll know….it’s a ritualistic kind of slow death….pure joy!


WOD 12/31/08

5×5 Front Squats

7×7 Weighted Dips

Some ME work to start the week out. Do the front squats first with adequate rest between sets and good form. Keep the torso as vertical and rigid as possible. The elbows and chest need to stay up to help maintain the back’s form and mid-line stabilization. Here is some good insight into the front squat via our intelligent friends at San Francisco CrossFit.

Rest for a few minutes, then start in on the weighted dips. Make sure your dips are deep, to the point of elbows above the shoulders, and then fully locked out at the top.

Get on it!

WOD 12/30/08


I was getting ready to program some other fun, then I realized it should be a rest day! So, I’ll be kind and set you free for a day.

While you are at it doing nothing, here is some reading to make you think. Jon Gilson of Again Faster is one of my favorite coaches and writers. Here are some words of wisdom from an older post of his. He has a TON of cool reads in his archives, so dig back a ways if you get a chance and the desire. Ah, hell, here’s another good one.

Lastly, here is an article called “Clock Whores” by Doug Chapman of Hyperfit USA, a very large and successful CF Affiliate in Michigan. Doug is a great coach, a wealth of knowledge and well respected in the CF community. His article is a great thing to keep in mind when you want to shave some time off by cutting corners. I never have, I never will…

See you in the next evolution!

Ain't no one cutting corners here!
Ain't no one cutting corners here! - Aaron M
The Cat
The Cat
Deb and Nicole
Deb and Nicole
Steph W.
Steph W.


WOD 12/29/08

3 Rounds

15 Wall Ball (M:20/W:15)

15 Swings

15 Squat Cleans (M:95/W:65)

15 Push Ups

15 Sit ups


If you can’t do Wall Ball, then do thrusters scaled up or down accordingly. The rest of the stuff you should be able to get through pretty well. Regular front squats can be subbed for the squat cleans. If you are able, scale up on your push ups and sit ups – ring push ups and GHD Sit ups would be the ticket.

Lotsa fun to be had, courtesy of Crazy Ivan!

Allison - Done with it...
Allison - Reflecting...

WOD 12/28/08


100 Pull Ups

100 Push Ups

100 Sit Ups

100 Squats

A bodyweight classic. Full ROM on the pull ups and any grip that works for you. Mix it up as you go to keep the muscles working in different ways. Same goes for push ups. Full ROM and a plank position if you can. Do as much as you can in the most difficult of positions, then transition to an easier position if necessary. Sit ups are best done on the floor with an AbMat or rolled up towel under the lower back. Squats are air squats and it is mandatory that you get below parallel. Anything else will not count.

The big tip to this WOD is to partition things in a manner that affords a moments rest, yet doesn’t allow you to lose huge chunks of time. The pull ups are the most time consuming and are best done in small numbers with a shake out and breath in between, then go again. There aren’t a lot of people who can bang out large numbers of reps right off the bat and continue like that without losing large chunksof time in the end. Don’t blow your wad early…


Allison doing Angie - Full bottom position.
Allison doing Angie - Full bottom position.


..And all the way up.
..And all the way up.