WOD 12/3/08



Bench Press

ME for cleans. These are from the deck, full squat cleans. The back needs to remain rigid, torso upright, and elbows up. Ass to ankles at the bottom, stand up in the front rack, reset on the ground and go again. If you have access to bumper plates, it’s a big plus. If not, you can use steel, just stay at a reasonable weight so you don’t get in over your head and have to dump it. Another good option is to use dumbbells. The same exact movements apply as in a barbell clean, except the hands are obviously in a “hammer” grip, so watch that the rear head of the dumbbell doesn’t come crashing down onto the clavicle. DB’s really add a new dimension as the weight transfer and alignment is a bit different than a barbell. Take adequate rest between sets, 2-4 minutes is good.

Same rules for the bench press. Feet firmly planted, ass and shoulders firmly on the bench, and full ROM. Set up bail out bars if you don’t have a spotter – don’t get squished, it’s bad for my business and your general well-being. Again, if you like try DB’s here. They activate more stabilizer muscles and allow for a deeper and longer ROM. They are also not so “spotter dependent” as a barbell. It’s good to mix it up a bit.

For some motivation on your cleans, check out YouTube vid of Greek Olympic Champion Pyrros Dimas at the ’96 Games. Dimas was the king of his weightclass and a phenomenal lifter in the history of the sport. He was a gold medalist in ’92, ’96 & ’00, until ’04 where he had to settle for bronze aned retired shortly thereafter. Do the math – 2.2 Lbs = 1 Kilo….scary for someone weighing about 181 Lbs. Check out more of his vids for some mindblowing lifts.

MetCon tomorrow, so pray I’ll be merciful! Get some!

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