WOD 12/7/08

AMRAP 20 Min

15  Pull Ups

15 Ring Push Ups

15 Back Extensions

15 GHD Sit Ups

We will start this week of with a MetCon WOD from the main site. If you can’t do ring push ups, do regular style with your feet elevated on a bench or something similar. If those are too hard, then just go with basic push ups. Good Mornings with DB’s in each hand can sub for Back Extensions. GHD Sit Ups can be subbed with regular sit ups, just use an AbMat or rolled up towel under your lower back, right above the pelvis.

We will get back into the final bit of ME work over the following couple days for those out there who have been following my experimental programming over the past few weeks. Once we hit the end, we will re-visit CrossFit Total and a couple other WOD’s to see what improvements have come forth. After that, we will get back to some more normal CF programming for a bit.

Ready, steady, GO!

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