WOD 12/8/08


Back Squat

We are going to start whittling down to the end of this ME cycle. Today’s WOD is going to get us to a 1RM on the Back Squat, or at least pretty damn close. Warm up thoroughly with several sets of increasing weight, maybe only 4-5 reps each time. You should have a decent baseline of where you topped out at triples or 5’s with this, so that should be where you start your triples this time. Rest fully between sets, do not rush this. Make sure your form is good and full ROM, don’t allow crap to creep in as it will nullify your growth and adaptation in the long run. If it’s not below parallel, at the very least, it doesn’t count. Don’t be tempted to go really heavy for the sake of a number and not get full ROM. Go hard and go heavy and let’s see how the hard work is paying off.

When you are done, some Turkish Get Ups are in order. 3 sets of 10 per side at a manageable weight for you. If you have another skill you would like to work on that is not massively taxing, now is a good time to do it, just go easy and perfect your form and movements. Stretch out afterwards and call it good.

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