WOD 12/10/08


OK, we have run through a long cycle of ME work, at least those who have hung on with me. I saw some great gains and hit PR’s in my 1RM in the back squat, Deadlift and Front Squat. My press still seems to be lagging behind, but that tells me I need to do some extra focus work on it. We will run some “normal” programming for the next couple WOD’s and then hit the CrossFit Total to see what kind of all-around improvement we have gained. Kudos to all of you who stuck with it, the benefits in real life and other WOD’s, MetCon and strength based, will be noticeable.

We welcomed a new client  in this week,  Athena F.  She is excited to get going, has a great attitude and is very open to learn all she can. On top of that, she is displaying some great form and understanding up front as we started her fundamental sessions. I am always impressed with female clients as their attitude and work ethic is awesome – they are so easy to coach. They push hard, are open minded to new ideas and keep their ego in check. Hence the reason they show such great gains. This evening, Allison ran Jean, Deb and Brooke through a 5×5 Squat and Press WOD and the ladies killed it! They showed huge gains from the last time they did this WOD and were ecstatic, and so were we!

I am a firm believer that CrossFit is a great fitness tool for both sexes, yet I strongly feel that it is incredibly empowering to women, and therefore, we see some of our best gains and top performers being female athletes. CrossFit allows women to progress rapidly with solid work and dedication, bringing about levels of fitness, changes in body composition and new found self confidence that are unequaled. The long standing notions of what women are capable of , in strength, fitness and femininity, are being crushed. Ladies come to CrossFit and find a fun, exciting and open environment with no “meat head” feel, the worry of someone staring at their butt as they try squats, or being concerned about walking into the free weight section of the gym where all the Cro-Magnon’s hang out in “their domain”. Instead, CrossFit encourages women to make huge gains through a hands on, non judgemental training philosophy – that’s very comforting to many ladies out there who have been scared to try something new at the gym for fear of making a spectacle or feeling out of place. So, in the end, I tip my hat to all the lovely women of CrossFit. You are more inspirational than most male athletes and you are doing things most people think is crazy. CrossFit ladies kick ass!

Here’s a great article by Jon Gilson from Again Faster, as well as this one by Adam Stanecki of CrossFit Victoria echoing my sentiments. Good stuff!

3 thoughts on “WOD 12/10/08

  1. Brookess

    I love you guys and what crossfit has done for my body and self esteem. I keep saying it but I don’t intend to “age gracefully”. I’m kicking, screaming, squatting, pressing and pushing all the way!!!

    Thanks for the props tonight it’s exciting for me (us) and I hope inspirational to others…

    I feel blessed to have found you two.

    With gratitude, love and strength,


  2. Brooke-The pleasure is all ours, and thank you for your kind words and hard work. All of your efforts are paying off nicely and we enjoy seeing our clients gain that satisfaction & sense of accomplishment and empowerment. We are here for you! – Ian & Allison

  3. EVOC in the Hizzie

    On 12-07 we did Glute Ham sit-ups. I felt great during the 20 minute romp. But here three days later I double over in pain if I sneeze or cough.
    Good times.
    Welcome Marty D to the world of cross-fit. He is kicking some booty.
    Congrats to all those who participated in the CIM, I am looking forward to seeing the times decrease with the incorporation of CF and CFE.
    Happy Wednesday everyone!

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