WOD 12/11/08

“Death March”

3 rounds – 2 min. rest between rounds.

8 Manmakers

10 Knee to Elbows

12 Thrusters (M:95 Lbs/W:65)

14 Pull Ups

400m Run

This is an Ian Carver special that I haven’t done for a while. It’s boatloads of fun. Time and record each round individually.

What’s a Manmaker you ask? Well, go here to Gym Jones’ site and see for yourself. These are a killer full body workout. If you haven’t done Manmakers before, 25 lbs DB’s are a good place to start. You know how to do KtE’s, Thrusters and Pull ups and I sure as hell hope you know how to run. Remember, form is paramount, so scale accordingly to a weight that allows good power output yet no massive form degradation from the get-go.

As a sidenote, Gym Jones is run by Mark Twight, a famous Alpinist. GJ used to be a CF affiliate but there was a falling out and now they do their own thing. Despite the friction between Coach Glassman and Twight, I still regularly check in to the Gym Jones site for workout ideas and informative reads.  Gym Jones works on more endurance based WOD’s but has some great stuff on their site and interesting programming that they use.  Twight also did all the pre-movie training for the Spartans in “300”. It’ s a good site to check out if you get the chance.

3 thoughts on “WOD 12/11/08

  1. Howzit Ian! Hey great post on the affiliate page and thank you for the awesome post about American River CF. Hope all is well with you, your family and CF Centurion. Happy Holidays. Take care

  2. K95

    Good one Ivan…I thought I was a stud because I crush this one. Then I read the WOD again and realized I missed the 400 meter run Haaaaaaaa!

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