WOD 12/17/08


DB Snatch (M:45/W:25 Lbs DB)


Pull Ups


OK, DB snatches may be new to some of you, but integrating them into your workout is a great way to add dynamics, skill, balance, agility and strength. You can snatch them in a standard stance or as I like to do it, in a split snatch…man, that sounds dirty… One full movement from the ground to overhead, no differently than with a barbell. Split the legs like a split jerk if you are going that route. Note to self, the reps are PER LEG, so you’d be doing a total of double the number above on the snatch movement.

Dips – If you have rings to do them on, use them. The added work required to be proficient with rings is huge. If no rings, then a standard dip bar will work, I’ll just beat you up and steal your lunch money…If dips are not your forte yet, then do push ups, just don’t tell me – you don’t want to know what I’d do to you.

Pull ups – I am going to put this out there for pull ups and that is to do them a la CrossFit Games style, chest to bar. You must touch the chest to the bar each and every rep for it to count. Got grip?

Burpees – Do them underwater….OK, maybe not, they suck enough. Just be sure to get your jump and clap at the end.

3-2-1 … GO!

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