WOD 12/18/08


Recover and relax. While you are at it, check out this site from the Canadian Army. I have had this link for quite some time and forgot about it, but it’s got some solid coaching tips, advice, and video segments of particular CrossFit movements done with Coach Glassman. The Canadian Army has adopted CF as a fitness model and they implement it quite a bit. They created this site to provide additional instruction for folks. It’s a tad tricky to navigate at first, so here’s how to do it.

When you open the main page, there are three drop down menu boxes at the bottom. Open the first menu and scroll down to “Combat Fitness Program”. Upon that page opening, open the second drop down menu and make another selection. The “CFP” page has several sub-pages you can navigate around by using the third drop down menu or the page arrow buttons on the right side. If you want to see instructional videos, tips and notes, open the “Exercises” page from the second drop down menu. Then in the third menu, pick an exercise, then select “Nicole” or “Eddie” to demo the movement. On their screens will be five boxes with icons in them. Each box will give you a video or pix of the movement from differing angles. The box with the “whistle” in it will give you a video of Coach Glassman talking about the movement and someone demoing it. The “marker” icon box will have Coach lecturing about CF and the movements. The “notebook paper” icon will show additional notes in it.

Once you learn to get around the site, you’ll find it’s pretty good and provides a useful tool for honing your skills and/or knowledge base. Check it out and root around on the site as you take a well deserved rest day.

Peace out, yo!

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