WOD 12/22/08


Take some time and stretch out and recover today.

We had a good week at CFC. Three new clients finished up their fundamental sessions and did quite well. Athena, Scott and Kelli all showed good work ethic and promise. I was able to click some pix of Scott working out, but need to get some of the ladies soon. It’s hard to snap pics of our clients because I then lose focus on watching and coaching them, so often times they get photographically neglected. Allison is squared away enough that I am able to snap pics of her from time to time, but now that everyone else is coming along so well, I will start getting more pictures of our clients in here.

Allison and I both had good days despite the crush of the holiday season. After 5 hours of sleep this morning, I woke up, brewed a quad espresso and came into the garage to coach Allison through her “Bad Alley Cat” WOD. After she was done with a kick ass effort with increased weight, I decided to play with some cleans, starting at 135. Next thing I know, I hit a 235 Lbs PR. It’s on video and if I can figure out how to upload it, I’ll post it along with Allison’s perfect deadlift form.

Rest up and we will see you on the next go ’round!

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