WOD 12/25/08

10 Rounds – Neverending reps of:

Open Kids Gifts

Attempt to assemble said gifts

Try to put in batteries

Consume White Russians in copious amounts

Re-attempt to assemble gifts

Give up and laugh at kids.


Merry Christmas, yo! No workout today unless you are crazyy hardcore. If that’s the case do something with your family – go for a walk, do nothing, make your kids dodge kettlebells, etc. . Take care and we send our best wishes out to you! – Ian & Allison Carver

2 thoughts on “WOD 12/25/08

  1. Rick

    Thank God no more Barbie boats to assemble! Hey is it ok if I scale this to just drinking mass quantities of White Russians? Happy Birthday Jesus, Merry Christmas to you Ian and your family. If you and Allison happen to do any reflecting on your year, please know the amazing impact you have made on so many. Your compassion for others is beautiful.

  2. Ok, I did this WOD yesterday. I’m still in recovery mode. Merry Christmas Ian, Allison and Rick. Ian & Allison thanks for all your effort and hard work, we love it.

    Easy on the bark it’s really addictive!!!

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