WOD 12/29/08

3 Rounds

15 Wall Ball (M:20/W:15)

15 Swings

15 Squat Cleans (M:95/W:65)

15 Push Ups

15 Sit ups


If you can’t do Wall Ball, then do thrusters scaled up or down accordingly. The rest of the stuff you should be able to get through pretty well. Regular front squats can be subbed for the squat cleans. If you are able, scale up on your push ups and sit ups – ring push ups and GHD Sit ups would be the ticket.

Lotsa fun to be had, courtesy of Crazy Ivan!

Allison - Done with it...
Allison - Reflecting...

5 thoughts on “WOD 12/29/08

  1. Rick

    Been waiting for the boys to do your Christmas eve special. Pete, Richard and I tackled it, now we are no good for the rest of the day I am sure. Those last two were amazingly painful, I can’t remember the last time my heart rate was that close to 200.

    Nice Ink Ali! Tell your boy to man up, and sleeve out. Peace, Rick

  2. Nice work, Rick! The last few WOD’s have been rough, no doubt! I thought I was gonna keel on today’s. I ran all the clients through it, subbing OHS for Wall Ball and Thrusters for the C&J. They all said it was pretty tough, so I gave it a go.

    I did it with OHS at 115 Lbs, swings at 55, and Clean and Jerk at 115. It was not fun… I was blown come the end 19 minutes later. The C&J were particularly taxing today, even in sets of 5. I was having to rest more than I thought in between… One of those days, I guess.

    As for the sleeves, I’m down…if you’re paying….Either that or I kidnap my artist, but that might sour later working relationships.

  3. Dude, today’s WOD was a smoker. Not really looking forward to how I’m going to feel in the morning.

    The xmas eve WOD was especially taxing for me! The next day I came down with that fricking 24hr flu bug which has been circulating. I was so messed up after taking about three weeks off xfit, I thought I had Rhabdo. Not cool.

    Anxiously awaiting next week!

  4. Will B. OneWorld

    Hey there Centurion friends.

    This may be a no-brainer, but I’m going to ask anyway cause I have nothing to lose. I don’t expect you guys will be open on New Years Day, but since I’m going to be up in your area, I thought I’d ask anyway.
    We’re seeing some friends in Sac New Year’s Eve, and I’d love to come down and jump on one of your killer WOD’s. If not, let me know, and I’ll crawl back to my little cave with my tail between my legs, head sunk between my shoulders, feelin sheepish.

    Happy holidays, and have a great New Year!

    Kindest regards,

    1. Will, My brother! You are always welcome at CFC, open or closed for general business, but unfortunately we won’t be around on the 1st. I owe you! Not sure where you’ll be in Sac on New Years, but I hope it’s not South Sac or Del Paso Heights, and if it is, wear some body armor and stay indoors!!

      I’ll be home late on the 1st and working that night, so if you are still around and need anything at all, get a hold of me via email or cell 916-207-7600.

      Next time you come up, I owe you dinner, beer and a WOD from Hell! Take care and enjoy the New Years, bro! Give my best to the CFOW crew! — Ian

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