WOD 1/1/09


Ok, enough brevity- let’s get to hurtin’…


10 Rounds

10 50m Hill Sprints

10 Pull Ups

10 Ring Push Ups

10 Knee to Elbows


Oh, Yeah! This is a homemade treat of pure….fun. If you don’t have a hill to sprint up, fear not, it won’t get much easier. But, the sprint is just that – a sprint. Go all out and don’t jog it. Get back to your bar and bang out 10 pull ups, then drop into 10 ring push ups (regular if you scale back), and then hold on for 10 KTE’s (high knee ups if scaled back -no swinging momentum though!) Then do it all over again 9 more times! Sweeeet!

Why the name? Well, a few rounds in and you’ll know….it’s a ritualistic kind of slow death….pure joy!


4 thoughts on “WOD 1/1/09

  1. Dude, really, what is wrong with you? OMG I’m glad I didnt have too much last night. That was one helluva core workout. My hands are still shaking and my head hurts, and it’s not from the beer.

    Glad 2008 is over!! See you tonight bro.

  2. Steph

    It’s the New Year boys….maybe you can start sucking it up and post your times instead of your whines! 🙂
    Loved this one….could only do 7 of 10 ring push-ups then I did regular ones for the remaining.
    MY TIME: 17:48

  3. OH, you wanna go there, huh Steph!?! 😉

    OK, 23’59” – two minutes slower than PR but for some reason WAY more painful than I remember. It felt faster, but the clock doesn’t lie… All reps unbroken, only breaths between. Too many at that…

    Yeah, I’m with Shaun. My head hurts, my hands are on fire, my forearms are shaking, and even my friggin’ teeth hurt…Must be that damned uphill driveway of mine…I laid on the mats for about 5 minutes and tried to sit up. Couldn’t do it without rolling over onto my side and pushing myself up….nice….

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