WOD 12/27/08

AMRAP 20 Min.

5 Thrusters (M:95/W:65)

7 Hang Power Cleans

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls


I am pulling this from the CF main site as I like it’s movements, coming on the heels of yesterday’s WOD.

SDLHP – This is a close grip, wide stance deadlift in which the forceful opening of the hips at the top, causes the bar to continue it’s upward travel up to the chin. The order is reversed and the bar comes back to ground before going again. A couple of common mistakes are pulling the bar with the arms – the arms contribute very minimally if the hips are explosive enough, beginning the upward pull with the hips being closed – the triple extension must go ankles, knees, hips then the bar goes up, and lastly, doing some sort of funky reverse curl on the bar – the elbows stay wide and pointed out, not back. The back must remain locked in tight as in the regular deadlift throughout the motion. Head neutral, chest up and drive with legs. Don’t let your form go to crap!

3-2-1 … GO!

WOD 12/25/08

10 Rounds – Neverending reps of:

Open Kids Gifts

Attempt to assemble said gifts

Try to put in batteries

Consume White Russians in copious amounts

Re-attempt to assemble gifts

Give up and laugh at kids.


Merry Christmas, yo! No workout today unless you are crazyy hardcore. If that’s the case do something with your family – go for a walk, do nothing, make your kids dodge kettlebells, etc. . Take care and we send our best wishes out to you! – Ian & Allison Carver

WOD 12/24/08

7 Rounds

200m Sprint

15 KB Swings (M:55/W:35)

10 Burpees

This is your pre-Christmas Eve treat! It’s pretty self explanatory. We ran our clients through this one today. They all said it was a BITCH! I saw great things from everyone today – Brooke, Deb, Jean and Steph R. are all looking fitter and faster each day. It is a pleasure to watch their hardwork pay off. Athena and Scott are new to our madness and doing very well. Athena is a determined worker and her efforts will be greatly rewarded. Scott is a natural, no joke. Soon to be fire breather. Nice work all!

I saw this video on the CrossFit One World site and my jaw dropped when I watched it. 4 minutes of insane strength. Check it out!

WOD 12/23/08

7 x 3

Front Squats

7 x 7

Weighted Pull Ups

A little ME work never hurt anyone and it is a necessity to maintain and improve upon our ME work in order to make physical gains in our other WOD and more importantly, life and fitness. Remember, time is not a factor here, hard focused efforts each time is the goal. So rest accordingly in between sets.

Front Squat – Remember, nice front rack position and maintain the upright torso and lordotic arch. This is done by keeping the elbows up. Neutral gaze and same squat movement as usual. Parallel at least, below for best.

Weighted Pull Ups – Any grip and any manner of weight addition that works for you. Full ROM – arms extended at the bottom and chin over the bar at the top. If you are used to doing pull ups with one particular grip, I want you to do the entire workout with a different grip.