WOD 2/1/09

3 Rounds

400m Run

30 Bench Press (Bodyweight)

15 L- Pull Ups

Ouch! Good stuff here. Break the benchpress up as much as you need to. Have a spotter or bail out bars set up in case you are on the edge of failure. Dying is biomechanically inefficient and tends to slow down your fitness gains. If you can’t do L-Pull ups, do what you can. Full ROM on both exercises. When you are all done, go watch the Superbowl and laugh at the dumb ads.

Get some!

WOD 1/31/09


The new box is coming along real nice. We got a TON done today and are now somewhat ahead of schedule. A bunch of equipment came in and the rest should be here on Monday and Tuesday. From there it’s pretty much GO time. I’ve got pix of the process coming, so stay tuned!

If you have the time, check out www.naturalnews.com . It is a site devoted to all kinds of topics of health and longevity. There is some good stuff in there backing my argument against pharmaceutical companies and the fake stranglehold they have on America, thanks to bad info and doctors who don’t care to know the truth. Take a look and find something interesting.

Peace out!

WOD 1/30/09



Go hard and go heavy. Get progressively heavier as your reps decrease. For whatever reason, I tend to PR a lot with this rep scheme. I also have good results with increased work loads later down the line. Remember your good form – don’t sacrifice it!!

WOD 1/29/09

AMRAP 20 Min

10  Dumbbell Clean and Jerk (M:35/W:25)

7 L-Pull Ups

Another archived classic. The DB C&J’s are from the ground each time and into a full squat clean. No half stepping. Do it right! The same mechanics apply here as the barbell clean and jerk. The only real difference will be the way the weight is distributed with DB’s as it tends to place your weight more forward, so make sure you maintain the erect torso and rigid core and elbows up. Scale up or down as needed. Pull ups are to be done L style, but if that’s too much, scale appropriately.

Get some!