WOD 1/5/09


4 Rounds

25 Swings (M:55/W:35)

20 Knee to Elbows

15 Med Ball Cleans (M:20/W:15)

10 Burpees

Allison named this one after going through it a while back. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s really easy and tons of fun! I think she was just in a bad mood that day….

You should be able to do, or at least sub, everything on here without too much of a problem. Med Ball Cleans are in here as part of the WOD, so if you don’t know  how to do them, I would spend some time practicing. In the “Exercises and Demos” section to the right, there should be a clip in there about the Med Ball Clean and the proper way to do it. They are a potent skill transfer exercise (to the barbell and DB cleans) and are harder than most people think. If you don’t have a med ball, you should be ashamed and publicly flog yourself for your inability to make one as described in the right sidebar. If you are loaded with cashola you can easily  buy one at Big 5 or somewhere else where they don’t cost and arm and leg. So, if you are in the category of “sans med ball” you can do the cleans with light dumbbells.

Burpees are full ROM, chest or thighs need to touch the deck and you need to jump up and clap at the top. Notice I said “need”, not “may”. Put forth the hard work and effort, and your results will show – slack it and cut corners and you will not be cool. Nobody wants to be uncool…


4 thoughts on “WOD 1/5/09

  1. Smokin’ times there my Aussie friends! Nice work. This is a tough WOD and my lovely wife will be happy to hear you all think of her so fondly as to name it after her!

    Take care down there and keep in touch!

    Best regards,


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