WOD 1/6/09



Deadlift (M:225/W:155)

Handstand Push Ups

A great power and metabolic one-two punch wrapped up in one workout. A nice way to wrap up the evolution. If you cannot do HSPU’s, then do a heavy, strict shoulder press, preferrably with dumbbells. There are ways to scale HSPU’s and I have mentioned them in prior posts, so you may wish to scroll back a couple months to check out some alternatives.

This WOD will not take a ton of time, so when you are done work on some Turkish Get-ups. Pick a decent weight and do 3 sets of 8 per side. Cool down, stretch, or lay there catatonic for a while before calling it a day and slithering out of the gym like a snake. Nothing but good times here at CFC!

4 thoughts on “WOD 1/6/09

  1. ssdhealthandwellness

    Hey Bruddha I just read only 5 spots for Northern Cali and Hawaii for the games, that is hard-core especially with the talent in this area. May 2nd and 3rd is on my calendar for Aromas. And since I can’t write this on the SSD site KICK SOME F-N ASS BRO!

  2. Thankls, bro. Yes, it is going to be cut throat competition to say the least. I have made a bunch of inroads to better my fitness levels from last year, so I am crossing my fingers. I’ll keep ya’ll posted!

  3. That should be an awesome competition Ian. Remain focused and get it on!!!

    Did todays WOD, but scaled the weight to 205#.

    8:25…20 seconds slower than my PR, but I’ll get it back. Another awesome week of programming, thanks for your dedication bro.

  4. Nice work, Shaun! Your HSPU’s are money, so I know you are not half stepping those. The DL weight issue is pretty negligible and you will add back 20 Lbs in no time and probably be faster at the WOD than this time. Good lookin’ out using your head and scaling back to be safe! Great time though!

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