WOD 1/8/09

“Death by Thruster”

On a continously running clock, perform 1 Thruster per minute until you are unable to maintain pace with the clock.

In other words, start the clock, do 1 Thruster – rest. At the next minute mark, do 2 Thrusters – rest. At the next minute mark, do 3 Thrusters – rest. Continue to do this as long as possible. You will be repping Thrusters every 60 seconds. This WOD has a brutal cumulative effect, so tally up your time and rep total for the final score.

Weights: M:95/W:65 – Scale up or down accordingly, just maintain form!


2 thoughts on “WOD 1/8/09

  1. As rx’d 11:56 or 66 Thrusters total. I am not very thrilled with my performance, and feel I probably could have pushed myself a little more. For some reason I was totally lacking energy this morning. I did however focus totally on form.

    This WOD starts off really easy but it soon catches up with you. This was definately a smoker!

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