WOD 1/11/09


I am sure many of you, myself included, have at one time or another asked yourself , “So what is the real deal behind all this crazy CrossFit and Paleo/Zone Diet stuff?” Sure, it provides a broad base of fitness that prepares us for everything that may come our way and in some cases, we can add some sport or work specificity to the training to increase certain areas of performance. The dietary factors help makes us not only healthier, but optimize our athletic potential and reduce our disease and illness factors dramatically. But what is really behind all this, why does it work, and better yet, why should we do all this?

Well, a few years ago Dr. Art De Vany, Professor Emeritus in Economics and Mathematical Behavioral Sciences at UC Irvine, looked into what really makes humans tick and what actions in their lives would make them function the best according to our basic primal hardwiring. What De Vany came up with and created was termed “Evolutionary Fitness” and he dissected the concepts behind it, including diet and physical activity and how they relate to what we do or, better yet, don’t do in modern times. It’s actually really interesting stuff and in the end, it makes a lot of sense.

So, if you have the time and desire, here is De Vany’s PDF Article about “Evolutionary Fitness” from 2000. It is long, I know, but it is really worth printing out and reading. Much of what we do in CrossFit is based around the concepts of Evolutionary Fitness, we may call it “Functional Fitness”, nonetheless, there is a root basis of why it works. Take a read about it if you like.

See you in the next evolution!

3 thoughts on “WOD 1/11/09

  1. Jason Reed


    Good read on the Evolutionary Fitness but last night I had the sudden urge to sprint to the grocery store, stalk a tri-tip, wrestle it to the floor then eat it raw with some veggies.

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