WOD 1/14/09

3 Rounds

500m Row

15 Deadlifts (M:225/W:155)

50 Push Ups

I test drove this one today at 255 Lbs. in the D/L’s. It was tough, but part of that was being off for pretty much the past week while I let a pulled muscle heal up (Lesson here being warm up thoroughly before WOD’s -Don’t be dumb and rush it, lest you end up with a sub-scapular muscle spasm that lingers forever).

If you don’t have acess to a rower, you can do 400m runs instead. I like programming the rower due to it’s full body involvement, thereby forcing continuous work over a wide range of muscle groups. Good stuff for increasing work capacity. Maintain proper form, but go hard and go fast!


2 thoughts on “WOD 1/14/09

  1. Will B. OneWorld

    Did the 300
    ( 19:37 with:
    strict pullups; 155 wipers and deads, 45lb db cleans, and 30″ box jumps) today before running my 5k.

    Left shoulder joint has been killing at certain angles, hindering my ROM. I’ve gotten this twice after doing heavy cleans. We’ll see if it grows into something to worry about.

    Thanks for the powerhouse WOD’s and informational posts Ian, keep’em coming.

    If you haven’t already, checkout CF Balboa’s site. Lots of great info. I went back and read 3-4 months of posts.

  2. Will, you are killing it lately! Seriously, nice work. Take it easy and rest up on the shoulder a bit. I’d hate to see you tweak it something bad.

    I have been swamped with all kinds of madness over the past couple days so I haven’t been able to get back to folks on here yet. Nonetheless, I’ll get in touch with you soon about getting together for some skull-crushing WOD’s. I’ll shoot you an e-mail in the next couple days when I can sit down and concentrate.

    In the meantime, keep up the great work and thanks for the support, bro!

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