5 thoughts on “WOD 1/21/09

  1. travis

    ian, just wonering how things were going for you and allison in regards to finding a new venue… let me know how its going and if we can do anything to help. -trav

  2. Alright Ian you almost killed us today. Almost saw shook hands with pukie on round six but managed to contain. The 35degree heat (about 95F) didnt help and nor did the 100kg deadlifts. Lost a few training buddies today, but also gained a newbie. Well done Angie on your first group CF session!

    Angie 7:55 (5rds of 5’s with 30kg deads & orange band pull ups)
    Darren 7:56 as rx’d
    Bill 10:46 as rx’d

  3. HEHEHEHE – Nice work, Darren! That is an insidious WOD – it really kicks you hard out of nowhere. You guys are killing it down there, heat or not!

    I bumped up to 255 for the DL and finished up in 10’13”. Not too bad for time off and the heavy DL’s the day prior. My back is feeling it now!

  4. I am just coming back into heavy lifting also. Had an arthroscope on my left knee Dec 4 so just got all clear last tues from surgeon to start loading it. Pretty stoked with the quick recovery – a testament to the CrossFit protocol.

    I must admit I have just learnt the butterfly kip and have just been doing chin over bar, not chest to bar. A few of us are doing the CF Games Qualifier in April so need to start doing chest to bar in prep. Do you do all WODS chest to bar?
    Also at the Games did you do butterfly kip chest to bar or do you go back to old school kip? The vids I have seen looks like the fast guys are doing butterfly.

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