WOD 1/26/09

Fractured Fran

5 Rounds

9 Thrusters (M:95/W:65)

9 Pull Ups (Chest to Bar)


A different version of Fran. Go hard and check your time to see the difference in time and how you feel. Strict form thrusters and chest to bar pull ups if you can manage it.

After resting a few minutes, finish up with 3×10 Turkish Gets Ups at a heavy weight. Do 10 reps per side, 3 rounds.


One thought on “WOD 1/26/09

  1. Rick

    Just saw your link to Folsom City Ink, nice work man! Maybe they can convince you to man-up and show some love below the elbows? Yes millions of needle pricks sound much better than a WOD today. The injection I got on my knee had absolutely no effect, my knee is telling me its a no go for this season which irritates the hell out of me, since I am leaner, and actually better shape than ever and actrually had the mind-set I was going to kick some expert ass! BUT! The universe speaketh and I am actually going to listen. I was inspired by an earlier post where someone came back strong from surgery, and contributed that recovery to CF conditioning. Anyway, I just wanted everyone to feel sorry for me. Let me know what you need for Saturday.
    Peace brothers and sisters.

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