WOD 1/29/09

AMRAP 20 Min

10  Dumbbell Clean and Jerk (M:35/W:25)

7 L-Pull Ups

Another archived classic. The DB C&J’s are from the ground each time and into a full squat clean. No half stepping. Do it right! The same mechanics apply here as the barbell clean and jerk. The only real difference will be the way the weight is distributed with DB’s as it tends to place your weight more forward, so make sure you maintain the erect torso and rigid core and elbows up. Scale up or down as needed. Pull ups are to be done L style, but if that’s too much, scale appropriately.

Get some!

One thought on “WOD 1/29/09

  1. Will B. OneWorld

    Hey Ian,
    I’m in the middle of locating my own space myself. Hope all your work is going well in your new box. My partners and I are still trying to locate a space so we can begin all that wonderful red tape with the city.
    Any suggestions what to do first if you get a sec? If not, I understand you’re swamped. Talk soon brudda!

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