WOD 2/5/09

5 OHS(65) / Push Press (65) / Ring Dips

10 OHS/ Push Press/ Dips







5 OHS / Push Press/ Ring Dips

This is a killer. I did it the other day at 95 Lbs. and wondered why I even went there. So, in order to show you my love, I decided to let you all have a crack at it. The OHS are a killer, so bumper plates are a big plus in case you have to dump it. The Push Press isn’t bad, but try to retain the push press and try not to jerk the weight. The ring dips get harder as you go and if rings are too hardcore, do regular ring dips. Oh yeah, stretch out the wrists and tape them up – you’ll figure out why about halfway through this WOD.


5 thoughts on “WOD 2/5/09

  1. Steph

    Yes, I have to say I am w/Rick on the OH Squat comment….I sub’d 45lbs, I didn’t have 5lb plates for 55lbs….65 would have been insane….did sit dips on our rings

    I felt like I could have gone heavier on the push press, but the OH Squats felt like I was gonna fall backwards! I am guessing that means I need to do more of those! What was it they said at crossfit….train harder on your weaknesses?

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