WOD 2/6/09

5×5 Thrusters

Go hard and heavy with thrusters today. Keep the torso tight and erect. The more vertical the bar path up and back down, the easier it will be for you to cycle through the movement. The vertical bar path will allow the weight to settle into the body directly over the midline and therefor into the solid base of the foot. This means stability down and a nice drive back up. A lot of this bar path has to do with hand/wrist mechanics. If you hold the bar in a locked “press” wrist, the bar tends to stay out front of the midline a bit more thereby putting the weight on the toes. This makes the drive up harder to stabilize. If the wrists roll back and forth from a nice front rack position from the squat position to a rolled forward neutral wrist at the top and then rolled back as it comes back to the shoudlers, this will help the weight stay centered. Sure, it is a bit harder on the wrists but you’ll get used to it, and if not, I am sure Curves is taking on new clients…..

When you are done, recover a bit then do some light skill work of your choice. I mean light too. Snatches, cleans, KB stuff, whatever.

Get some!

3 thoughts on “WOD 2/6/09

  1. So I did yesterday’s punisher. That was a real treat, especially going into it after watching Ian suffer. I did it as rx’d in 29:16.

    Did today as rx’d 105 – 115 – 125 – 135 – 145 I finished up with a few sets of L-pull ups and floor wipers.

    Thanks CFC!!!

  2. Steph

    Ok, bear with me till we get more plates…
    did a warm up w/5x 45lb
    not the prescibed but the 95lb were kickin my ass, and I didn’t think I could get to 115 (my only choice) w/o a spot.
    I am stoked that I did so many thrusters at 95! BIG deal for me..

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