WOD 2/9/08

10 DB Thrusters (M:55/W:35)

25 Pull Ups

20 DB Thrusters (M:35/W:25)

20 Pull Ups

30 DB Thrusters (M:25/W:15)

15 Pull Ups

Welcome to the next evolution! Please note the weights and reps of each Thruster set so you don’t self destruct midway through. I will be doing more programming with DB’s due to their inherently unstable nature in balance and weight distribution and higher skill and proprioceptive components required in using them. This leads to excellent adaptation and increases in all of the 10 areas of well-rounded fitness. Can you name the 10 skills? If not, I will rehash them here.

1- Cardorespiratory endurance, 2- Stamina, 3- Strength, 4- Flexibility, 5-Power, 6- Speed, 7- Coordination, 8- Agility, 9- Balance, 10-Accuracy.

The first four skills are organic changes in the body brought about by physically training the body. The last four skills are neurological changes brought about through the proprioceptive reaction to training. The middle two, 5 & 6, are a combination of both. Interesting stuff and very true to developing a well rounded, healthy and fit individual. Think of the decathlete – that’s what we are aiming for with CrossFit, being able to do well at whatever task you are given. So, my goal in training folks is to tap into those movement patterns that will bring about a change towards the above skills, not just to make you hurt and sweat. There is no need to “specialize” for most of us. CrossFit allows us a broad brush to paint a well rounded layer of fitness. If there is specialty training required, that can and should be done, but at a lesser degree than originally thought. So, mull that over for a while and see where you are going and/or where you want to be in regards to your training and the above skills. If you haven’t done it in a while or *gasp* never done it at all, read the free CrossFit Journal “What is Fitness”. The link is on the right sidebar of the blog.

OK, I’m smart, you’re smart, we’re all smart now..let’s get to work!

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