WOD 2/13/09


30 Clean and Jerks (M:135/W:95)

These are full, from the floor, squat cleans into an overhead anyhow. By that I mean, you can thruster the weight up, jerk it, split it, press it, whatever. I prefer either push jerks, or thrusters out of the bottom position to put the bar overhead. From there, you can either ride the bar down back to the floor, grip and go again or drop it and completely reset before going again. Riding it down saves some time, but it more energy consuming. Dumping it high saves energy but takes more time in re-setting each rep. Play with it and see what works best. This workout packs a serious strength requirement and heavy dose of MetCon – a true thing of beauty.

If you have not done this WOD before, I STRONGLY recommend going light on the cleans, unless you have perfect clean form at this and much higher weights. Be more concerned with putting out 30 near perfect reps at a lighter weight rather than 30 lousy reps followed by an ass spasm at a heavy weight.

Many critics of CrossFit continually beat the dead horse argument of “high rep Oly lifts are dangerous”. Please, give me a break. If you are doing ANYTHING at more than 1 rep with crappy form, it is dangerous. I don’t care if it’s Swiss Ball crunches or Pec Deck Flies – you can seriously mess yourself up. The counter to that stupid argument is A), you should have the wherewithall to know what your limits are and scale down accordingly, and B) if you are in a CF facility, your trainer should be on top of you to make sure your form is dialed in the entire time, and if not, reduce the weight or discontinue the WOD and C), you should have a grasp of the movement itself being consistent and competent in it already prior to going long with it.  It’s really simple actually, in fact it’s basically common sense. Life is dangerous – Like Al Pacino said in “Heat”, “you can get killed walkin’ your doggy!”

Go forth and conquer!

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