WOD 2/16/09


Stretch, rest and recover.

Allison and I were recently discussing the issue of coffee and caffiene in our Zone/Paleo Diet lifestyle – we REALLY like good espresso and probably wouldn’t give it up. Many people think of Caffiene as a huge evil, but it really isn’t as bad as one would think – as long as you don’t go overboard. CrossFit Balboa recently posted a blog topic about coffee. Check it out and thank the gods above for a quad shot Americano with a shot of half & half…..

Also, the annual CrossFit Affiliate Gathering just concluded last weekend in Texas. Allison and I really wanted to be there, but the whole, pesky new gym thing took priority. From what I understand it was a great time and it is a slam dunk that we will be in Miami for next year’s event.  Nonetheless, CrossFit by Overload made probably one of the best CrossFit videos I have seen to date. It’s called “The Evolution”. It is a compilation video of the growth of CrossFit and it’s community. It is about 10 minutes long, but it is worth the watch. You’ll get all amped up from watching it and want to go out and throw a sub-7 minute Helen afterwards….

A lot of people wonder about the “dog” in CrossFit’s logo. To help alleviate the stress that keeps you up at night, the brown and white pit is Athena, the Glassman’s personal pet. Athena is a sweet and very cool dog that has been part of the CrossFit family since day 1 at the first CFHQ in Santa Cruz. She is present in all kinds of pictures and videos from the years past. She is now living the dogs life in Prescott, Arizona at CrossFit, Inc. Headquarters and has retired from the limelight.

We are still taking on new clients at the CFC box, so get in touch with us to get started. Don’t be intimidated by it, we will get you to “Firebreather” status in due time through gradual progression, guidance and positive encouragement! 

See you in the next evolution.

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