WOD 2/17/09

5×5 Deadlift

Rest 5 Minutes

AMRAP 10 Minutes

300m Row

10 Pull Ups

15 Push ups

20 Wall Ball

A bit different programming, no?! Yes, I am going to start trickling in these power biased WOD’s more often. I tend to do them to some degree as is, but now I am going to refine them a bit more to get the heavy ME work in on the front end and then a potent, yet short, MetCon on the back end. This will yield powerful gains on all fronts of our fitness.

The entire workout should go like this: The CF Warm-Up 2-3 rounds. Then, some intro sets of Deadlifts. Get up to about 60% of your max and start the working sets. This is a progressive loading scheme so add incrementally until you get up to around 85-90% of max for the 5 reps. Then, cool down for 5-10 minutes, but not so much that you start to get cold. Then, hit the MetCon. Go hard! If you don’t have a rower, sub 200m runs in there. No med ball (you should be slapped….the instructions for homemade med balls is right over there —>) then sub 45 Lb bar thrusters in there. Once again, go hard!

Allison was my guinea pig for this today and she looked like she really enjoyed it…sorta….

Oh my! Allison at 235 Lbs for 5's.....Bad Cat!
Oh my! Allison at 235 Lbs for 5's.....Bad Cat!
Big kips on the CFC PU Bars!
Big kips on the CFC PU Bars!

 In more CFC News, we welcomed Donnie B, Chuck P., Brooke O. and Sky C. to the Centurion battlegrounds today. Donnie and Chuck went through their Fundamentals Course and then got dished a WOD to help them get a taste of the Kool-Aid. Both guys kicked ass and put out some serious work – They are soon to be eating fire for meals. Brooke and Sky also came in for round 2 after Allison had them in the Fundamentals Class on Friday. The duo did “Rowing Helen” and also did one hell of a job. Again, I can see plenty of good things coming to and from Brooke and Sky. Sorry, no pix of the new crew yet since I was pretty hands on with them today, but they’ll soon be immortalized in the pages of CFC!

Our existing group got to do “Filthy Fifty” today in the new digs. It was a suffer fest. Deb, Brooke W., Aaron, Scott, Athena, and Jean laid it all out and hammered through the WOD. I was impressed as hell by everyone there as they gutted it out the whole way through. Nice work, crew!!

Scott, Aaron, Brooke, and Athena - KTE's
Scott, Aaron, Brooke, and Athena - KTE's
Aaron & Scott - Push Press-- Nice muted hip Aaron! Yes, I yelled at him!
Aaron & Scott - Push Press-- Nice muted hip Aaron! Yes, I yelled at him!
Brooke, Jean and Deb hard at work!

One thought on “WOD 2/17/09

  1. travis-cfes

    first off let me say DAMN! what a beautiful box guys, im really jealous! its BEAUTIFUL!! you guys did a great job. second, JESUS ALLISON!!! 235×5??!! i have MEN who arent capable of that!!! thats, excuse my language… FUCKING AMAZING. you’re a badass for sure. Ian, thankyou for comming by today man, its always a pleasure to see and talk with you and hear that you guys are doing awesome. i feel really blessed to have such great trainers and athaletes so close by to bounce ideas and clients off of. thankyou guys for being so awesome, your gym and your personalities are so valuable to our area. -trav

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