3 thoughts on “WOD 2/23/09

  1. Scott Shaughnessy

    I was in middle of the pack today, 17:17, I wasn’t happy with my time. Weak!! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll post a better performance.

  2. Kimberly Rudnicki

    “That SUCKED”…Jon and I are comtemplating an ice bath right about now. Ug…but, thanks for kicking our rears – you made me stagger like a drunk!

  3. HAHAHAHA, yeah but you liked it, Kim! I almost consider it a compliment when someone tells me the WOD sucked and now they can’t walk up a flight of stairs! You guys are kickin’ ass – keep up the great work!

    Scott – Middle of the pack my butt! You worked hard and your efforts and output are increasing every day. It’s hard to see that from your end, but not from mine as I look in from the outside. Nice work!

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