WOD 3/5/09

“Jacobs Ladder”

20 OHS (95)

15 Pull ups

10 Ring pushups

5 Swings

20 Pull ups

15 Ring pushups

10 Swings


20 Ring pushups

15 Swings

10 OHS

5 Pull ups

20 Swings

15 OHS

10 Pull ups

5 Ring pushups

Lots of good movements in here. Pay attention to the exercise and changing rep schemes. GO!

4 thoughts on “WOD 3/5/09

  1. Scott Shaughnessy

    Well this one tough, I think there is a common theme with all these WOD, pain. Anyway, I did my swings with 55lbs, and OHS at 85. I probably shouldve stepped it up to RX at 95. I clocked in at 11:05

  2. Yes it was tough! I had the opportunity to go head to head with our resident fire breather, Kim. This didn’t make it any easier and it kept me moving the whole way, regardless of differing weights. Kim came in at 7:52 and I followed at 8:12. Nice work, Kim!!

    As RX’d at 95 OHS and 55 Swings.

    Finished with 5×3 Cleans 135,155,175,185,200 — Not the best showing but not bad considering it came on the heels of the WOD.

  3. Kim Rudnicki

    Ian is tough competition! I couldn’t have done it without you pushing. What a kickin’ WOD, and once again, my legs are trashed.

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