WOD 3/10/09


1000m Row

50 Thrusters (45 Lbs)

30 Pull Ups

Scale up or down as needed. Mod pull ups as needed. Finish with 4×30 sec. handstand holds and then 4×30 sec. Superman planks. Don’t be a putz, post time to comments.


8 thoughts on “WOD 3/10/09

  1. Did this one today, and did today’s yesterday…confusing, I know….

    Previous best with 65 Lb Thrusters was 7:22. Today I went with 95 Lbs on the Thrusters. Splits times – I pulled 3:53 for 1000m, 3:20 for the Thrusters, and 1:20 for pull ups. Finish time of 8:33….big OUCH! Aaron and Scott stuck around and be my timer men and watch my suffering…

    Power output (not including Row) was 181 Watts and .25 Horsepower. I am damn happy with that, although I need a nap now before I go to work!

    Aaron and Scott put up some serious numbers too at the 65 Lb Thrusters. If I remember correctly, Aaron finished in just over 9 minutes – Solid workon both guys behalves!

    Matt – Nice work, brah! Solid work and power output! Thanks for posting!

    So what have the rest of you got to say?! Let’s see some numbers!

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