WOD 3/13/09

7×3 Push Jerk

Rest 5-10 Min.


12 DB Squat Cleans

7 Pull Ups


ME on the front end. Heavy Jerks, just don’t kill yourself – not for time, so go hard, heavy and take your time in between sets to recover and put forth another maximal effort. Rest and then do the MetCon portion.

Post time to comments.


8 thoughts on “WOD 3/13/09

  1. As rx’d: 7 rounds.

    Did some core work after.

    That bit of rest yesterday was sooo nice after the last week of enjoyable hell. My legs and back were smoked!

  2. Scott Shaughnessy

    I don’t think my form was the best, I was exploding enough, my hips weren’t opening up. 7×3, 115,125,135,145,150,150,135. On the metcon portion 8 rounds and 6 DB clns into the 9th. I did 25lb DB. My wrists were having trouble with the weight. Weak.

  3. DOH! Yeah the DB weight would have helped…sorry. How about 25% of BW for loading. I knew I was missing something when I posted that, I just couldn’t figure out what it was.

    Nice work Shaun and Scott!

  4. POST SOME TIMES LADIES…Both Steph and Kim rocked the WOD today. Steph made a huge PR in Push Jerks, and Kim did awesome with the DB clns using #25lbs. BE PROUD LADIES…BE VERY PROUD!

    Not to leave the boys out…Ruben and Allan showed full 100% Effort. I know I held you both back a tad with weight but we will build you up in no time! You both will be crossfit crazzies like the rest of us soon enough!!
    Scott and Aaron did awesome, you both show everyone how to push hard through-out the whole WOD! Thanks for being great role models.~Allison~

  5. Kim Rudnicki

    That was aweful! Almost 10 rounds at 25# DB; couldn’t finish the last 3 pull ups in time. You were right Allison, my shoulders are bruised. Form and technique was defnitely my demise.

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