WOD 3/23/09

“Dumb Grace”

30 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks

Rest 5-10 Min., then:

2x400m Sprints with 2 min. rest between each interval

Finish with 2×10 Windmills (10 per side, twice through). Go here for a quick tutorial of Windmills. They aren’t as easy as they look.

Use a heavy DB to get close to where you would do RX’d Grace (135 Lb Clean & Jerk). So, if you do 135 with a barbell, aim for DB’s around65 Lbs. If it’s 95 Lbs., aim for 45 Lb DB’s. I will say this though, DB’s make the movement harder, so matching barbell to DB weight doesn’t always correlate. Get close and do it safely. Lastly, these are full squat cleans here. You can thruster or jerk the weight overhead.

Rest then do 2 400m intervals followed by a couple sets of DB windmills to finish with some core and stability work.


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