WOD 3/24/09



Some of you in certain professional communities should know what the above symbol stands for. It is with deep regret that I belatedly take the time to recognize the four Oakland Police Officers who were killed on 3/21/09. The only saving grace from this incident is that the scumbag criminal was killed by other SWAT Team members. I cannot fathom the emotional toll that must be laying across the members of the OPD and their families. Over the past years I have been at many of my own partners funerals, but four officers at one time is unimaginable. If you aren’t part of the profession, it may be hard to relate, but I can do it as best as possible by asking you to think about the loss of four of your family members. Regardless of your views on Law Enforcement and the government, put yourself in the shoes of the families of these men for a moment and you just might understand the anguish that goes along with this incident. Without cops, soldiers and firemen to risk their lives for complete strangers, there’d be anarchy and rampant fear in the world as you know it. Thank a cop for their service next time you see one.

To the families and co-workers of Officer Hege, Sgt. Sakai, Sgt. Romans, and Sgt. Dunakin we at CFC wish to send you our deepest condolences and respects. To those four fine heroes and fellow brethern, I thank you for your service and wish you an afterlife of beauty and serenity. God Bless and Godspeed.

RIP - Oakland Police Officer Hege, Sgt. Sakai, Sgt. Romans, Sgt. Dunakin (clockwise from top left)
RIP - Oakland Police Officer Hege, Sgt. Sakai, Sgt. Romans, Sgt. Dunakin (clockwise from top left)


4 Rounds

7 Deadlifts (M:255/W:205)

40 Ring Push Ups

300m Row

The deadlifts are meant to be HEAVY. I RX’d 255, but I was at 300 for my WOD today. That being said, good form trumps a fast time and/or shitty form. Ring push ups are RX”d due to their taxing effort requirement. Then row your ass off.

Get Some!

One thought on “WOD 3/24/09

  1. Sub’d rowing for 300m run. Those damn push-up’s took me forever.

    As rx’d 20:54

    Thank you for your service, may you rest in peace my brothers.

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