WOD 3/29/09


There was another STUPID article on the national news this past week about how red meat is bad for you….again… In a couple months I am sure we will see something about how eggs are bad for you, coffee is a carcinogen, and water might just drown you. The stupid media and their skewed facts from just as skewed medical tests and “experts” get smattered all over the place and incite panic and fear in everyone out there. Think about it – what did out Paleolithic ancestors and many indigenous societies eat in the form of meat? Much of it was RED and contained saturated fat! And yes, Paleolithic populations lived longer, had better bone density, less disease, and other good stuff we don’t have today. So, the mass media can blow that hyped up, illegitimate BS right out of their ass…

For more info on the topic, take a read of this from Mark’s Daily Apple. Also, go swing by Robb Wolf’s Blog and see what he has to say about it. ‘Nuff said…

Rest up, roll out, stretch, have a drink and nice thick steak for dinner. The next evolution is right around the corner!

6 thoughts on “WOD 3/29/09

  1. scott shaughnesy

    Yeah, what they need to do is have Robb Wolf or Loren Cordain state their case in the national media. “The protein debate” with Cordain going head-to-head with Campbell was interesting. After going to the nutrition cert I think Paleo is a good place to start for myself. I have since removed all gluten out of my house….time to go to whole foods now and stock up on fruits, veggies and meat….GO CAVEMAN or GO HOME!

  2. Scott- Good choice. The only reason I like Zone to start people out is due to it’s ability to lock you into proper portion sizes for supporting lean body mass and not body fat. The caloric restriction does some good in causing the body to switch to fat as a fuel source. Once people get up and going, then I like them to tweak the Zone to more Paleo-like quality or go full Paleo. Go for it, just be sure you don’t eat too, too much.

    Rick – Hell yes they had ice cream. They lived in the Ice Age for cryin’ out loud! Man, talk about dumb questions…..

    On another note, how’s the back doing? Stop by the box some time, holmes!

    Badger – You are right on. I’ll even eat it with the fur still attached…

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