WOD 4/29/09

Cup o’ Coffee”

2 Rounds

25 Swings (55/35)

25 Ring Push Ups

25 GHD Sit Ups

25 Back Extensions

25 Knees to Elbows

Not too hellacious, but not easy either. A day’s break before we hit ME 1RM’s in Squats tomorrow. So, we are saving the legs a tad today and working the MetCon on it’s own. It’s short and sweet for a reason. I have done this in 3 rounds and the power output dropped off too much for my liking. This way, you still can go hard and maintain a nice power output without crashing and burning. Remember, shorter high output, high intensity WOD’s are a much more dynaminc building block to your fitness instead of always doing long, drawn out WOD’s that burn you down. That’s okay once in a while, in fact it’s a necesity, but after a lot of ME work something like this is enough to keep moving forward yet give the CNS a little break. This WOD is self explanatory, except for the name I gave it- Any ideas?


WOD 4/28/09

Squeezing the trigger - Ian
Squeezing the trigger - Ian

Press 3-1-1-1-1-1

Rest 5-10 min.


Push Ups

Swings (55/35)

Then: 500m Row or 400m Run


ME 1RM’s for press, so sack up and load that bar up and get it overhead. Rest for a few minutes then hit the MetCon portion. You will do the prescribed reps for both the push ups and swings, then once you are done with all those, you will run or row to finish the clock.

There are some new pix in the gallery, so stop in and check out our awesome athletes!

Oh, and if you are interested, here is an good read from my friend and well respected coach and writer, Jon Gilson from Again Faster. Thanks again, Jon!

WOD 4/27/09

The contemplation of commitment - Shaun
The contemplation of commitment - Shaun

3-1-1-1-1-1 Deadlifts

Rest 5-10 min


Manmakers (35/25)

Pull Ups

Wall Ball (20/14)

We are going for 1 RM totals this week, so make sure you are dialed in. If not, wait it out. Do your ME work then rest and go HARD for the MetCon portion. Recover for a bit then do some core specific work and stretch out.


P.S. – Although I don’t watch the show very often, I heard there was an appearance by a certain someone on “COPS” last night – Any guesses? 😉

WOD 4/26/09


Great work this past week to all of you who have followed the WODs we posted. I put some taxing stuff up and folks battled through it. This upcoming week will be a shot at our 1RM’s that we have been working towards for the past few weeks. Bring your A-Game to the CFC box on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so you can give your maximal effort. For today, really make an effort to recover and get some stretching a foam rolling in to get you ready for another hard week.

I will be adding some new pix to the gallery over the next day, so keep checking in for photos of our members working hard. If you want to check out some cool photos and vids, check out the CrossFit Games website. I am seriously bummed not to be able to make it to NorCal Quals due to an injury, but I am happy to see two of our strong athletes heading to the quals. Jon & Kim Rudnicki will be flying the CFC flag this year and I expect they will do a damn good job representing our box. Good luck, Jon & Kim!

Take care and rest up. The next evolution is around the corner!