WOD 4/15/09

CFG 2008 Workout “B”

5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts (275/185)

10 Burpees

This is last years CF Games Workout “B”, which was a bitch! I am posting it since I watched a video of the CFG highlights and got pissed off that my stupid arse got injured this year and I can’t even get to NorCal Quals, so I am taking it out on you all!

The weights prescribed above are the CFG standards. I would HIghly recommend scaling down to 225/135 or maybe a touch higher if you are a stud/studette. If you are prepping for quals and can handle the weight under good form, then do RX’d, but trust me, it’s not easy. Don’t be stupid in an attempt to let ego run the show. Be smart and strong, so scale accordingly.

Anyhow, enjoy this little bit of love from Ivan!


7 thoughts on “WOD 4/15/09

  1. Rick

    Scaled to my little girl frame. 4:05. I am very glad I ate a very small breakfast.

    Side note OPT on the 2009 CF Games site looks exceptionally huge? Natural? Seriously?

  2. Rick

    Holy C~~~ I just saw the winner from 2008 posted a 2:41. WOW! And I am thinking that wasn’t a little girl scaled weight.

  3. Will

    I love these simple workouts for pure, full tilt boogie power output. Last I ried this was 3:31 Rx’d. My weight’s dropped somewhat, and I’m down to 1 on 1 off until a week out, where I’ll hit 1 WOD in the middle of the week, and hopefully jacked up to nail the weekend Quals.

    Still bummed you won’t be there bro. I’m trying to make it to CFC and witness your studs and styudettes first hand. Talk soon.

  4. Nice work to all of you on this WOD. Everyone worked their ass of and went pretty damn fast! A couple minor tweaks and fixes here and there with DL form, but overall very good.

    Will – Nice to hear from you! 3:31!!! Smokin’ bro! This WOD was my undoing at last years CFG’s (then Grace was the icing on the cake), so I know how wicked fast your time is! You’ll do well at quals, I am sure of it. Take care and I will talk to you soon!

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