WOD 4/21/09

50 push-ups

40 DB Lunges (35/25)

21 pull-ups

15 DB Thrusters (35/25)

32 Dumbbell snatches (35/25) -16 per side

40 push-ups

30 DB lunges

15 Pull-ups

12 Thrusters

26 Dumbbell Snatches

30 push-ups

20 DB Lunges

9 Pull-ups

9 Thrusters

20 Dumbbell Snatches


This one is courtesy of Martin Schap from a while back. This is tough, but not as bad as yesterday’s crusher. Lunges are single count, not per leg. DB Snatches are halved per side.

Yesterday’s WOD was a beast but I was stoked as hell that everyone sucked it up and did it. You all did awesome! I also concocted another strength based WOD that was an ass-kicker and I will soon release it upon the world like a bad plague, but first I want your legs to recover a bit.


9 thoughts on “WOD 4/21/09

  1. Yeah…This was a beast! I jumped in with the morning group while AJ ran the class and I suffered like a pig! This was harsh…DB lunges are the worst, then do thrusters and snatches right on top of each other and you have nothing but pure joy!

    Allison did it afterwards as RX’d and seconds my opinion. 23:07

    I don’t who the hell thought this would be a good idea…..

    As RX’d – 19:53

  2. I tried to make it back to CFC this evening, but after training all day I was pretty beat so I decided to punish myself when I got home. PR’d Fran.

    Fran 21-15-9
    95# Thrusters
    Pull ups

    Time: 4:49

  3. Matt

    Once again, that which looks doable in written form proves to be an excellent way to ruin my evening. Thank you for the pain…

  4. Jonathan Feid

    That was one hell of a workout!!!
    Did it as RX’d in 29:54. My legs are still shaking. I can nothing but agree, looks doable in written form…

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