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**UPDATE** The Grand Opening Party was a blast and one of the best times I have had in a while. The turnout was awesome with a slew of folks from CF East Sac, some potential new affiliates, friends, other CrossFitters, a buttload of kids, and co-workers. CrossFit may be the only place that a group of people who are relatively unfamiliar with each other can get together like a family and have a great time in the process. I will get a new photo gallery with pix from the party up in the next few days, so stay tuned!

The Grand Opening WOD was a good one too. It was a team WOD with each partner taking turns in some pretty high rep movements. The “resting” partner had to hold a plank or bottom squat position while the other partner worked – I’m a sadist… I ended up not having a partner, so I ran the entire WOD as RX’d by myself. That many reps and that pace made it VERY hard. This was one of the only WOD’s I have ever thought I was going to throw up on! Kim & Jon took top honors in just over 11 minutes and got a couple of StarBucks Gift cards. They were followed closely by the Wrecking Crew of Aaron & Scott, the Brothers Doom of Travis & Justin (ask Justin how long he can hold a bottom squat!), Andy & Brian Nabeta, Allison and StephWalla, Deb & Long Lost Michelle, and then yours truly in solo position.

I know for a fact that Allison and I probably did not get around to say “hello” to everyone there. I apologize for that, but still know we were very stoked to have you take time out of your day to come by and hang out. Thanks again for your support and friendship – we feel pretty damn lucky! – Ian and Allison Carver


Mark your calendars!! Our (belated) Grand Opening Party is going to be on May 9, 2009 at 3 PM. It’s a get BBQ/Potluck get together at the box. We will have a Welcome WOD at 4 PM-ish, so if you are up for it, bring your gear and get sweaty before consuming some not-so Paleo food and drink, completely out of Zone proportions.

Due to the current economic state, we will also be having cake and ice cream for our two boys whose birthdays are in the same time frame ( “Happy Birthday kids! Here’s a kettlebell – have fun!” – only a CrossFitter would understand). So, your kids are definitely welcome to run semi-amok and there will be a jumpy house for them burn off the sugar before heading back home. Invites are being sent out, so let us know if you are able to make it. We’d love to see you!

10 thoughts on “CFC News

  1. randy d. lovelace

    trust me…this is the place to be if you are ready to commit.
    i know a little about ian and his lovely wife allison. dedicated; you bet.
    my grand sons are real special people too!!
    good-luck carvers, have a ball…a kettle what?
    grandpa fish

  2. Brian

    I will definitely try to get out there Saturday. Not sure if I will be doing the WOD as I will try to get in at CFES on Saturday. It was great to see your athletes at the qualifier this past weekend. Awesome job.

  3. Brian Nabeta

    Great times, with great friends. Your grand opening was awesome with all the food, the beverages, and socializing with fellow crossfitters. How can you beat that? Ian and Allison you guys rock!

  4. scott shaughnessy

    Ian and Allison, great grand opening/Bday party! Good food, Good Folks, Good Fun, wait I think that was a McDonalds slogan back in the late 80s-early 90’s? Honestly, great atmosphere (it was cool seeing other members of the crossfit community showing their support…the team WOD was cool. It was nice throwing down some beers and shots after….I just read that shots of Jager are awesome for post WOD recovery. The food was delicious, (sort of paleo right?) well, in my mind it was so, I crushed 3 plates of steak with all the other fixings. The only thing I missed out on was the bouncy Thomas the Train house, shucks…Anyway, thanks again you guys. Super fun. Oh, Ill bring a CD with pics from the event on Monday. Lates

  5. cort

    Hey CFC! You have a great box with good people. Congratulations! The grand opening to day was great. It was nice meeting all of you.

  6. Pat H.

    Ian and Allison,
    Thanks a ton for having us for the Grand Opening party, it was a blast. My wife was out of town, and sorry she missed it. Since I was in charge all weekend, my twin 5yr olds tagged along and LOVED the bounce house! I think it was the highlight of the weekend for them. Also, thanks again for the Cycling advice before, it was much appreciated.
    -Pat H. (CFES member)

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