WOD 4/23/09

Push Ups

2 per minute on the minute for as long as possible.

Rest 5-10

Pull Ups

1 per minute on the minute for as long as possible.

After three hard days, and I am sure some very sore glutes, this is some body strength work with a reduced bit of intensity. Make no mistake, it’s not easy, but it isn’t as whithering as the past days.

So, at minute 1, you will do 2 push ups and then rest until minute 2 when you will do 4 push ups. Rest until minute 3 and do 6 push ups and so on until you can no longer complete the the number of push ups in the alloted time. Rest for a few minutes and apply the same principle to pull ups, except in reps of 1 per minute. It doesn’t seem like a lot of work, but the reps are compounding so it gets hard as the recovery gets diminished. You can rest in the middle of your set, catch your breath and keep going, just make sure you get out your reps before the minute is up.

If you are doing jumping pull ups, do 3 per minute (3,6,9,12,15,18, etc.)

Get some!

7 thoughts on “WOD 4/23/09

  1. Scott Shaughnessy

    Pushups, stopped after 14mins. 28x for a total of 210. Pullups, stopped at 15mins. 15x for a total 120. Level 1 cert this weekend, Vegas here I come

  2. Pushups: 11:00 Min =22
    Pullups: 8:00 Min =16 – Ya, screwed up on this one and did 2 per instead of 1.

    Finished up with:

    45# Waiter Walks 3 X 15 meters
    20# Windmills 3 x 10ea side
    Core & oblique work.

    Good luck at your cert Scott, don’t have too much fun.

  3. Deb

    Round 10 or 11 (either 20 or 22 pushups, made it to 19 on the last round)?? 129 pushups total

    Round 12? 78 pullups

    This workout is great in the beginning….

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