WOD 4/26/09


Great work this past week to all of you who have followed the WODs we posted. I put some taxing stuff up and folks battled through it. This upcoming week will be a shot at our 1RM’s that we have been working towards for the past few weeks. Bring your A-Game to the CFC box on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so you can give your maximal effort. For today, really make an effort to recover and get some stretching a foam rolling in to get you ready for another hard week.

I will be adding some new pix to the gallery over the next day, so keep checking in for photos of our members working hard. If you want to check out some cool photos and vids, check out the CrossFit Games website. I am seriously bummed not to be able to make it to NorCal Quals due to an injury, but I am happy to see two of our strong athletes heading to the quals. Jon & Kim Rudnicki will be flying the CFC flag this year and I expect they will do a damn good job representing our box. Good luck, Jon & Kim!

Take care and rest up. The next evolution is around the corner!

One thought on “WOD 4/26/09

  1. Scott Shaughnessy

    WOD, 600m run, then 5rounds of 10, 45lbs plate cleans, 10 pushups, then run 600m. Time: 12:26. Straight from the Vegas cert.

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