WOD 5/1/09

“One World Beat Down”

7 Rounds

7 Thrusters (65/95)

7 Pull Ups

7 Burpees

Short and hard. Saturday’s WOD will be a bit longer, but after the squats yesterday, there is no need to drag it out today. When you are done, doe 6 sets of 30 second Superman Plank holds. Then stretch out!

A lot of folks are having some issues with very tight glutes and abductors, namely the Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus and the TFL, which runs down the outside of the thigh from hip to insertion at the knee where it is the Iliotibial band. All of the squatting and hip extension work we do can cause some tension here, especially if you aren’t stretching out after the WOD. These areas, along with the everpresent tight anterior hip flexors, deep hip external rotators, and hamstrings, can make life miserable.

The gluteus medius & minimus are located on the outside of the hip, under the iliac crest -that’s the bony part of the pelvis that you can feel on either side. Digging a thumb into that area, or a foam roller or tennis ball, will usually make you squirm a bit. When these muscles start to get jacked up on me, my low back & sacroiliac joint seem to go to hell. So, make an effort to find a way to stretch those small abductor muscles as much as you can. If you are in doubt as to how to best get at them, ask me and I’ll show you a couple stretches that help me out a ton. I call one of the stretches “The Naked Old Man in the Gym Locker Room” Stretch… once you see it you’ll understand. Still, play with it on your own and work out the kinks after the WOD. Experiment and see what you can come up with to help stretch the affected areas you may be encountering.

My main man, Wayland, is off to Malaysia for 2 weeks to do some technical work for Intel in 100% humidity. Sounds like fun! Regardless, we will miss Wayland and look forward to his return. Wayland has come quite a long way and is getting stronger with each WOD. Keep up the great work and we’ll see you soon (bring home some souvenirs, just no pig flu).

Also,the Dynamic Duo – Kim and Jon- are off to Aromas this weekend for the CrossFit Games NorCal Qualifier event. They are a couple of our resident fire breathers – A couple of talented athletes who will be flying the CFC flag this weekend. Send some good mojo their way and cross your fingers for them. Kick ass and good luck, Kim and Jon!

That is all. Go forth and conquer.

8 thoughts on “WOD 5/1/09

  1. Andrew

    13:06 as Rx’d.

    Thanks to Sky for pointing out that he did a full 95lbs for the thrusters and shaming me in to going full Rx.

    I would like to personally thank Ian for his undivided attention during the MetCon.

    Way to leave a buddy hanging. Thanks Night Crew!

  2. Matt D

    7-7-7-7 Great workout!!!!

    As Rx’d 13:23

    My wife did 40lb Thrusters, jumping pull ups 14:15

    See you soon….

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