NorCal Qualifier Results!

UPDATE – Day 2 and Final Results!

Well, Kim got 3rd place in todays women’s final WOD, an event from hell. I am sure as heck that she shocked a field of people who had never heard of her and wondered where she came from! Unfortunately, Kim finished overall in 6th place, one place out of the selection group. Of course we are bummed for her, but overall we are super proud and stoked to call her one of ours and have she and Jon fly the CFC flag like they did. I am sure Kim is a bit frustrated and ticked, but let’s make sure we don’t let her think about that and instead, remind her how damn good she really did!
Jon and Kim, you two are superb athletes and to go into the Lion’s Den with only 3 months of CrossFit under your belt speaks volumes about both your capabilities. Thanks again for being the best damn representatives of CrossFit Centurion we could possibly ask for! – Ian & Allison Carver
Jon - Now that is a triple extension!
Jon - Now that is a triple extension!
Jon - Flying the flag mid-muscle up
Jon - Flying the flag mid-muscle up
Kim and jon with their game faces!
Kim and jon with their game faces!
CFC in the NorCal house!
CFC in the NorCal house!


Good folks and good times - The CF East Sac crew graciously took Jon and Kim in over the weekend as part of the Sacto Mafia, along with American River CrossFit!
Good folks and good times - The CF East Sac crew graciously took Jon and Kim in over the weekend as part of the Sacto Mafia, along with American River CrossFit!

UPDATE – The results for the day have been posted on the NorCal Qualifier Blog. As you can see, Kim is going for broke at 12 PM. There are some strong ladies in that heat, but Kim can beat them! Keep the top 3 in your sights then throw down some of those gnarly pull ups and take it away!

The men’s final field is no joke either! Freddy C. and Will from One World, John Fragoso from CrossFit Norcal, Dave Leys from CF Santa Cruz, and three of our hometown boys, John Planow from CrossFit Genesis, and Justin & Travis from CF East Sac are all in the running! Good luck guys!


I got some tentative results from the NorCal Quals earlier this evening. I am waiting for the site to update the day’s final standings so I can speak the truth, but so far I am told Kim is in 7th Place in the women’s division and on tap for tomorrows final event. Apparently, due to the goofy scoring, there are several ties in the placings, so Kim and the other female athletes will be charging hard tomorrow to break the ties.

Jon did well, but not quite well enough to make the Men’ s final event tomorrow for the overall placing. Still, Jon will be competing on the course earlier in the day, so wish him luck. In looking at the start list in the Men’s event, I can tell you there were some serious horses in that field, so Jon had his work cut out for him, but did incredibly well nonetheless!

The word is that the “joke” video made by Sevan regarding the Sunday event, turned out to be no joke at all. Sunday’s event is probably going to be one of the most brutal CF events I have ever seen. I have some personal opinions about it, but that’s neither here nor there. Still, if there is one athlete I know of who has what it takes to go the distance and fight to the finish, it is Kim. Kim also stands a tremendous possibility of making up some serious ground on other competitors around her to move up into the top 5 and qualify for the 2009 CrossFit Games. Both Allison and I are ecstatic at her performance thus far and the chance she has for tomorrow.

I’d love to give out her phone number so everyone can call and psyche her up, but that wouldn’t be the best idea in the long run. So, instead I want anyone and everyone to post their motivational comments to this post and support Kim in her efforts tomorrow. Do it or I will beat you.

When I get some updated results and info, I will post them here, so stay tuned.

Kim and Jon – We are proud of you and stoked at how well you both did today!

19 thoughts on “NorCal Qualifier Results!

  1. Great job out there you too! Can’t wait to hear all the stories when you get back! Truly wish we were there to cheer you on. Drive hard and pull from deep, you can breathe later!!;) ~Allison

  2. Will

    I saw this girl with a ‘Centurion’ shirt on and I went and introduced myself. It was Kim and John, and I let them know they had a home at camp OneWorld.

    Major, major horses out here today, quite stunning to see. I qualified for the finals tomorrow, but to be honest it’s a long shot to make it into the final 5. But we’ll see how it goes. I’ll try and keep an eye on Kim and let her know she has supporters right there for her during this brutal, brutal WOD.

    Best regards

  3. aaron

    Kim and John you are both savages, I am proud to be associated with you. I know you will both stomp the final work outs ass.


  4. Rick

    Only had the pleasure to meet you once at the CFC box, but go forth and kick some serious Nor-Cal Ass! Tons of good thoughts, and energy your way,

  5. scott shaughnessy

    I kept checking the crossfit games website, blog and CFC site to get updates on all the events. I think its so cool that both Jon and Kim made the commitment to compete at the qualifier. That is freakin awesome about Kim, congrats. Kim, use that relentless competitive drive and I am sure you will pull through for the top 5. Good job!!! Can’t wait to hear about the events.

  6. Deb

    I am so proud of you guys!!!! I too have been checking both sites and am glad that Ian and Allison posted this. Awesome work you guys!!!!!! Kim… you can do this!! Top 5 here you come! Holy S*&%!!!! So excited for you!!! Knew you could do it!!

  7. Jon Rudnicki

    Thanks everyone for the support! Today was tough to say the least. Kim and I are psyched to be here. Such great people and environment to be around. We’ll keep the Carvers posted tomorrow on the progress of how the brutal WOD turns out. And, now it’s sleep time.

  8. scott shaughnessy

    King Leonidas (Ian): [turns back shouting] Kim and Jon! What is your profession?
    Kim and Jon: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!

    Win tomorrow you guys! CFC, arhhhhh!

  9. Eric B.

    Great job you two. You guys are already CHAMPS. With that being said, Kim, it’s sounds like its going to be a test on your mind as well as your body, so believe YOU are the one to beat. Go get em!
    Jon, welcome to the “C” shift. it’s great to have you. I’ll be watching the website…..I’m so pumped for you guys I feel like SQUATTING 400LBS.

  10. Ruben

    I too have been checking the sites all day waiting to see how you guys did… in fact I sent text messages to Ian and Allison at one point because I was getting so impatient. You guys are awesome!! When I watched the “Joke” video that was made for Sunday’s workout I almost passed out just thinking about it. I know you guys will tear that WOD to pieces. Kim — go get’em tomorrow. I can’t wait to tell my daughter about how great your are doing and I can’t wait to see you guys at the box again…. Good Luck!!

    ~ Ruben

  11. Kimberly Rudnicki

    Jon tested out the killer WOD for me this am at 7:30. He did a great job! He finished at 20:05 with scaled DL at 225#. My heat starts around noon. We wish you all were here!

  12. Ruben

    Jon – 20 Mins?? That is awesome man!! You’re a beast! Kim – good luck today. Give it all you got… I know you have what it takes to finish at the top!

  13. scott shaughnessy

    Wow, that is fast, good job Jon…..still scaled at 225lbs is still beastly…Come on Kim bring the gold home!

  14. scott shaughnessy

    Well you guys, you did unbelievable especially for only crossfitting for 3 months and the level of Nor-Cal athletics. I can only imagine once you have at least 1yr under your belt how much more dominate you guys will be. Both being super competitive; Kim with your endurance strength and super cardio and Jon with your overall power and strength. From now on, people in the crossfit world will be saying look, there goes Jon and Kim from CFC. I think you guys really inspired everyone at CFC and we should think about doing the 2009 affliate competition and 2010 qualifier in a large group and make a weekend of it! I can’t wait to hear the details. Amazing!

  15. Christian

    Ian and Allison- you should be proud of these two competitors, they rocked it this weekend. The ARCFit crew got to root on Kim in the finale today and she was awesome! Congrats Centurion!! Christian

  16. Nick S

    I am a part of crossfit east sac and i just wanted to congratulate Kim and Jon on their outstanding performance over the past weekend! it was awesome to have to you guys represent sac with us!

  17. Kim and Jon, it was great to meet you guys this weekend. You both are amazing athletes and have the potential to be next years Nor Cal representatives in the Games. Bummer Kim on being 1 spot out of qualifying, but holy shit! 6th place with very little CF experience is astounding!!! I am amazed at your performance. You guys should form a team for the affiliate cup challenge at the games. You will rock it.

    Ian and Allyson, we missed seeing you guys there and are looking forward to your party this weekend. I am fully expecting you to return the dirty deed done to you at our grand opening with a ridiculous any asshole WOD. Hopefully I will have recovered by then, I can barley move right now. We are not sure exactly when it will be yet, but we are going to plan a Sactown Showdown sometime after the games, go get your members ready to come down to east sac and show their stuff. See you all Saturday.

  18. Jason J

    I just wanted to throw in a congrats to both of you, especially after the Sunday WOD. I did my cert at The Ranch, and I can tell you all, that hill is exponentially harder than it looks on the videos.

    The competition is getting stronger every year and to pull a 6th on three months of CF is phenominal. My first three months I was still getting my ass kicked by the senior citizens.

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