WOD 5/8/09

500m Row

21 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65)

21 OH Presses

500m Row


15 OH Press

500m Row


9 OH Press

I snagged this one from CrossFit One World. It looks like a treat. The SDLHP needs to be done with strict form. You can do a lot of reps of this movement, especially at the weights prescribed. BUT, if your form sucks and you are rounded over in the back like a dog dropping a steak, then you are going to be hurtin’ the next day.

Wide stance, close grip, big chest, flat upright back, accelerate the bar from the deadlift to the chin using your hips. The hands stay low until blasted from the waist by the triple extension. The arms come back down and only when they reach the waist do the legs collapse back into deadlift position.

The OH Presses are “overhead anyhows”. You can press it, push press it, jerk it in any manner. You can be in front or behind the head, it makes no difference. You should be able to use the same bar you just did the SDLHP’s with for the OH Presses. Clean it, rack it and go.

If you are sans rower, guess what – you get to run 400m!


5 thoughts on “WOD 5/8/09

  1. Sub’d 500m row for 400m run.
    As rx’d 10:06.

    I felt way too strong after finishing this one, which tells me I was slackin. Fun WOD though!

  2. Scott Shaughnessy

    I did this metcon incorporating the 500m row and clocked in at 12:07. However, I’m convinced the 500m is harder and takes longer then the 400m run. So, I did the WOD again this time with the 400m run and clocked in at 10:13. Arhhh, double days, get some!

  3. scott shaughnessy

    Thanks Jeff….I felt way stronger the second time through. Ian, I watched the deadliest warrior on Spike TV the other night and it was the ninja vs. the centurion….guess who won? Centurion baby….mainly with their initial spear thrust aimed at the upper torso. It would almost instantly kill their opponent. I am glad to see you are building an crossfit centurion army. Prepare for glory! Give them nothing! But take from them everything!

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