WOD 5/11/09

CFG NorCal Quals WOD 1

500m Row

30 Burpees

10 OH Press (165/95)

This was one of the event at NorCal Quals. It should be a hoot. Kim & Jon are probably going to see this and stay home, but the rest of you are going to feel their pain!

The OH Press is an “overhead anyhow”. Presss, push press, jerk, it doesn’t matter as long as it gets overhead cleanly and safely.


12 thoughts on “WOD 5/11/09

  1. EVOC in the hizzie

    Subed girly weight dumb-bells and 400M run:
    Marty: 4:35
    Rick: 5:05 (One legged box jumps while they were running)
    Richard: 6:00
    Ken: Doesn’t count because he ate a freakin Snickers bar after. doh!

  2. Scott Shaughnessy

    Maybe I should’ve gone to the games…time: 4:35. Then we started the hatch squat program after the metcon.

  3. Ian, Allison, and all the firebreathers at CFC, remember to register your affiliate team for the CrossFit games. You guys have great athletes and would be doing yourselves no favors by missing out on this event. Registration opened today on the Games Main Site and I anticipate it will fill up quickly. Get in while you can and lets keep putting Sac on the CrossFit map.

    We all had a blast at your party. The gym looks great and your members are the type of quality people that thrive in the CrossFit community. Looking forward to getting some affiliate events going in our area as soon as the games are over. The 1st Sac Town Throwdown is coming soon.

  4. scott shaughnessy

    Good call Justin on the affiliate team challenge…CFC members we need to get a team or 2 together for this. Everyone has come far and it would be cool to represent CFC and 916. Ian and Allison what do you guys think? Late

    1. scott shaughnessy

      Yeah, but then I realize on the second WOD I would’ve been in trouble. I have only done 1 muscle up in my life so, I probably wouldn’t get the 10 minimum…however, there always is the affiliate team challenge

  5. Stephwalla

    Sub’d 75lb press for a time of 6:13
    I smoked myself on the row and almost ripped my toenail off during the burpees from hell. Thanks Scott for stickin’ with me and cheering me on for this one!
    5×5 Back squats followed by 3X5 front squats for strength.

    1. Allison Carver

      You did great Scott…and I told Ian so he won’t let you go down in weight….it is all up from here! I know I don’t get to work with the afternoon group every often but when I do, I really enjoy it. Everyone is doing awesome! GET SOME!!=)

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