WOD 5/26/09

5×5 Push Press

Rest 5-10 Min

5 Rounds

30 Wall Ball (20/14)

20 Push Ups

10 Box Jumps


ME work up front, MetCon on the backburner. Proper form is crucial – no forward lean and no muted hip.  When you tire, the elbows drop down and back. This causes the athlete to try and support the weighted bar by extending the spine back and supporting the weight on the top of the torso. In this position, the dip is automatically faulted and the hip in placed in the perfect position to follow the femur down in the dip into it’s “muted” position. Don’t let it happen. Keep the elbows forward of the bar slightly, the weight distributed across the hands/arms and torso in an unpright position, and the corresponding dip vertical.

Groovy…. now GO!

Aaron - Cocked and locked - Push Pressing large
Aaron - Cocked and locked - Push Pressing large

7 thoughts on “WOD 5/26/09

  1. Buddy Holly

    You can’t stop me….you can ust slow me down. I will be real slow tonight..shoulder still hurting…it’s merely a flesh wound!

  2. Scott Shaughnessy

    Hatch bench press, 8@225, 8@235, 6@260, 6@275, 2@295. Press 5@125, 5@145, 5@155, 5@165. Metcon, 13:39. Those damn wallballs…. Good thing Ian was on me or else I wouldve been much slower. (Ian, you are right, it’s mental and have get tougher in that dept.) Jeff was cruisin on the last round and smoked me…was able to makeup a little ground on Aaron however, he still beat me by 19 sec.

  3. Rick

    Marty and I subed thrusters for wall-ball. The first set of push-ups Marty did a nose-dive and almost broke his nose, it was classic! Good times on the Met con, but I press like C***!

  4. Nice work to all!

    T$ – Sorry for the late response. Belts can be used, but I am a big proponent of keeping them off until it gets really heavy. The belt acts much like a steel band across the outside of an oak barrel. It allows the athlete to exert intraabdominal pressure outwards against the cavity of the torso and the belt, which then locks the torso into a solid position. Many folks think the belt is back saver, but in essence it is not really supporting the back alone, instead the entire midsection. Some folks using belts for the low back tend to have an issue of hyperextending the spine (leaning back too much at the lumbar spine) and thinking the belt will help that stay tight. In that case, nothing will help that except for learning proper positioning and tension in the midsection. Now when that sucker starts getting heavy and you need major tension, then grab a belt.

    The press motions should be launched off of the same concepts as the squat and deadlift. In other words, big breath in, locked in midsection, big chest, drive the bar upwards and exhale slightly as the bar gets through it’s sticking point and end in a full lockout.

    If you are up for it, come on by the box sometime for some 1-1 time in some of the barbell moves. Drop me a line and let me know if and when it might work for you – It’ll be on me. Take care, bro.

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